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Free College Planning Workshop
How to Play the College Admissions Game



If you're the parent of a student who's planning on attending a four-year state college or private university, you need to attend this FREE workshop.  

College planning expert, Jeff Farmer with Ducerus shares secrets and insider tips to send your child to schools you never thought you could get into or afford.  

Topics include

  • Do you know how playing the admissions game wrong will hurt your child's future?

  • When do you start planning for admissions? -- it's sooner than you think.

  • What is your Admissions Strategy?  Learn how to increase your admissions profile and get in!

  • How to send your child to the school of their dreams without getting trapped in a financial nightmare.  

  • Public?  Private?  You may have more options than you think!

  • Where to find big piles of free money and not fight over the scraps everyone else is going after.

  • Strategies to make sure you don't miss out on thousands of dollars-regardless of income.  

  • Why listening to the wrong people like your CPA, financial advisor, or other parents can cost you BIG TIME.  

Having this valuable information is like having a flashlight to explore a cave, while every other parent stumbles through blindly.  

                                             TIME AND LOCATION

                                                                Tuesday, Janurary 29th at 11:30 am 

                                                               Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce Office

                                                             8711 Hwy 6 N #120, Houston TX 77095

                                                                    * Lunch will be provided


Please Register Here: https://www.ducerusevents.com/events/id/108/workshops

Contact Information
phone: (713) 554-4882
Offer Valid: January 2, 2019January 29, 2019
Cy-Fair Houston Chamber of Commerce